Hemera was founded in 2007 with the intention of spending its endowment within 25 years.  Given this mandate, when considering grants, the Hemera team develops potential partnerships with the knowledge that our relationships will end while the work of the grantees will continue.  Our most impactful relationships acknowledge this fact at the start of the relationship and actively discuss how Hemera can help in a way that provides for the opportunity to sustain the grantee’s operations beyond the life of the Hemera Foundation.

Hemera has granted $32.5m since its inception in 2007, allocated as shown in the chart below.  As of June 2019, there is approximately $32.9m left in the endowment.  Although Hemera does not have any specific annual spending targets, we tend to average commitments totaling between $2.0m and $4.0m a year and will continue that pace as long as the assets will allow. 

Grant Chart 2.jpg