Promotion of Contemplative Views and Practices

Across the ages, contemplative practice has been part of human life; offering individuals space and tools to develop wise and compassionate relationships with themselves, their communities and nature. In our modern and interconnected world, we have more opportunity than ever to access the wealth of contemplative views and practices developed across human history, and which continue to be evolved today. Yet, we must also grapple with increasing strain on our capacity to engage them.

Hemera is dedicated to supporting individuals to access the benefits of these practices in ordinary life and to explore and pursue their spiritual paths. The practice of mindfulness and the tools of contemplative practice offer individuals the opportunity to develop greater self-awareness, foster connected relationships with family, community and nature, restore natural well-being and resilience, and help people to be fully present in daily activities.  

The unique experience of contemplative practice in retreat settings allows practitioners to deepen their exploration, revealing further gifts. Hemera’s Fellowships Programs were created to allow more people the opportunity to discover and explore this.

 Our partners and programs in the contemplative space include:

Supporting Promotion of General Knowledge:

 Promotion of Dharma Education and Contemplative Retreats:

 Supporting Spiritual Initiatives: