The Contemplative Fellowship Program was created to make the unique experience of a sitting contemplative practice in a retreat context available to all who have made a professional commitment to service - a deep desire to devote oneself to servicing others through their work.

Eligible fellows may attend one meditation retreat per calendar year at one of our partner retreat centers. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and working full-time in their profession. All applicants must apply for their own fellowship. No one may apply on behalf of someone else.

Up to 75% support for retreat registration fees is available to applicants who have never attended a residential meditation retreat longer than two nights or who are new to a particular retreat center.

Up to 50% support for retreat registration fees is available to applicants who had previously attended a meditation retreat longer than two nights, including those who have previous received a Hemera Fellowship.

Need-based funding may be available to support up to 100% of retreat costs, as determined by the specific retreat center. All fellows are responsible for the costs of travel to and from the retreat center.

Potential eligible fellows may include:

·         Educators, school administrators and staff

·         Health care professionals

·         Artists

·         Emergency Response Professionals

·         Employees working for a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or private foundation

·         Employees of government/non-governmental organizations working in community

·         Members of active or retired military; reservists

To Apply

There is no application deadline; instead, prospective fellows should apply directly to the retreat center they are interested in attending for the retreat of their choice. Each retreat center determines which retreats are eligible for fellowship support. Please carefully review the fellowship application details and other information on the retreat center’s website so that you have a clear idea of what is involved in applying for a fellowship and registering for the retreat. Fellowship funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Please carefully review the information about the Fellowship Program. Fellowships are available for various retreats at all of our partnered retreat centers. Not all retreats are eligible for fellowship funding.

  2. Select a retreat center. Visit that center’s website to identify which retreat you would like to attend.

  3. Follow the application link on the retreat center’s website to complete and submit your Hemera Contemplative Fellowship Application.

  4. The Fellowship application is for funding only. You may be asked to complete a separate registration for the retreat center.

  5. You may also be asked to demonstrate completion of retreat center/program prerequisites, if any.

Fellowships are awarded on a rolling basis; therefore, we strongly recommend applying early while there are still fellowships available at the center you're interested in.

Retreat Centers

We partner with the following retreat centers. Please follow the links below to check directly with the individual retreat centers for availability: